Welcome to the…

The “Just Do You” Revolution is a movement of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

Let’s Be Honest, You Want Something Fresh, You Want Something Different, You Want Something Real, And You Want It NOW.

We know that if you don’t finally step into YOUR truth and live it in EVERY area of your life, that you will continue to suffer. There’s one thing for sure; there’s a definite LACK OF, and a REAL NEED for, Authenticity, Raw Honesty, Transparency, Love, and a lot more FUN in the world.

We need more people who are living THEIR own truth in their lives and their work, doing what they love, making a difference, and are totally free creatively AND financially. We need people that are fully alive, living their potential, and doing good work in the world that they’re passionate about.

We’re starving for truth, authenticity, and self expression…it’s time to be real and live from your DNA.

We are a tribe that believes in sharing life changing wisdom, information, AND engaging in cage rattling conversations, banter, and simple tactics peppered with eye opening, powerful, truth filled strategies, and a success mindset that GET RESULTS period.

Everything we do is laced with “urgings” that help people wake up, get their proverbial sh*t together, and break free from the “conventional hypnotic trance” that we’ve ALL been sold, so we can live our OWN truth, express ourselves freely, live in FULL THROTTLE ABUNDANCE, and stepping up to enjoy the ride.

Founded by Scott Brandon Hoffman when in his own life, he felt stifled, creatively blocked, and trying to fit in with everyone else but not succeeding.

He looked around and saw over and over that there was an ENORMOUS amount of fluff, regurgitated, mediocre information, AND BIG ASS agendas by the “so called” Gurus out there that whether consciously or subconsciously, that made  people feel like they’re broken or meant to put them into a societal box leaving people feeling empty, unfulfilled, and without meaning or purpose.

He KNEW that there was a better way.

The missing link is that EVERYONE has a unique blend of gifts, passions, and talents, and they can NOT and should NOT be put into a box or cloned in ANY way like it’s happening ALL over the internet and in life through the media, gurus, and society etc.

This is an unconventional, refreshingly honest, radical, AND entertaining take on the art of “Doing Yourself,” BIG TIME, while living the life and right livelihood, (as an extremely profitable AND fulfilling business) that YOU’RE meant to, and not what someone else is telling you to do.

Leave that to the SheepWalkers, NOT you.

YOU have the power, and always have.

ALL the answers are INSIDE you, you just have to tap into your OWN inner voice, intuition, and REMEMBER who you REALLY are, so you can stand up PROUD shining your true light and YOUR truth into the world with NO hesitation or concern, COMPLETELY undefended and not give a rat’s booty about what anyone else tells you or thinks of you.

It’s YOUR truth and YOUR life. It’s time to reclaim it NOW!

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